Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Dogs are the better choice for outgoing people. I personally strongly dislike cats because they kill other animals for fun. It’s a proven fact that cats like to kill things they are stronger than for no reason which I find sickening. I remember going to a friend’s house who just bought a small puppy and her cat immediately bared it’s fangs and tried to attack. Dogs only attack when threatened. Let me clear this up. I’ve been bitten by a dog on the face and scratched by a cat on the arm and neither scars have gone away. The reason the dog bit me though was because I tried to pick it up and it was a stray and the dog bit me because I was young and kept biting it. At my friend’s house her pet cat tried to scratch me when my friend asked me to hold it. Therefore, I’ve deduced that cats are simply not nice animals. Cats also don’t do things like take walks or jogs with you. Yes, they cuddle but so do dogs. Therefore, dogs do eveything cats do AND more. They are definitely the better choice. Oh, some people say, well they don’t catch mice! Think again, yes they can, and I had a pet dog that would eat roaches. Yes, I know that’s gross but I’d rather them be eaten and not kiss on my dog or let it lick me until I’d brushed it’s teeth than that roach crawl around my house since I’m afraid of them. Plus, dogs are cute! They come in all sizes large and small, carry-on size and the height of toddlers, fat and thin, long hair and short, many things but one thing remains the same. They are lovable. They wag their tails, bark at danger, kick their foot when you rub the right spot, fetch things for you, even lick your tears when you cry to try to make you feel better, they are the most ideal animals out there. So if you tell me you want a cat now? You MUST be insane.

Why do you think they have annual dog shows? Because dogs are amazing! Plus, cats always climb fences and things and disappear. I don’t know about other people, but I actually like to know where my animals are. Plus, dogs are funny. I used to sleep in pallets on the floor because my room didn’t have a tv so I’d sleep in the family room and stay up all night. One day, while I was in the kitchen I heard my dad calling us in. It was so funny! My dog had laid in my pallet and covered himself up in a blanket. I didn’t believe he did it until the next day when I saw him do it with my own eyes! Cats never do cute things like that. They also figure out how to open doors. So, if you don’t have a doggy door and forget it’s outside in the rain, they can open the door themselves. Cats jump on counters where you’re cooking and get hair everywhere and they’re just unsanitary while dogs don’t do that.

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