Do Dogs Care for Fancy Doghouses?

Do Dogs Care for Fancy Doghouses? – as part of the news series by GeoBeats. Are the fancy doghouses really for the dogs? The New York Times recently ran an article on luxury doghouses and their extravagant owners and the lengths they will go in order to provide ultra comfortable spaces for their canine friends. Some of these doghouses are outfitted with “air conditioning, heating, entertainment systems, elaborate lighting, pawprint wallpaper” and can cost between 00 dollars to 000 dollars. American Pet Products association estimates over billion will be spent on pets and related services in 2012 alone and there are nearly 80 million pet dogs in the US. But do the dogs even care? One of the owners interviewed admitted that their dog, Maggie May, has never stepped foot in the mini-mansion they purchased for the 28-pound whippet-borzoi mix. They bought it because it looks similar to their own home. In the past, dog houses were actually used by dogs, but over time, they have become another member of the family and most dogs today spend more time indoors than outdoors. Perhaps today’s dog houses are becoming just an extravagant lawn ornament. What are your thoughts on doghouses?

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