Do children need pets? – Part 6

Do Children need pets? A child and a pet sometimes do not mix! When you have child you think about it and plan it. As well as when you decide to get a pet! It comes with alot of responsibility. If you get a child a pet you need to really think about a child depends on you the parent for help and guidance and to learn. If you give a child a pet they need to understand all that comes with having a pet. Like feeding washing cleaning etc. I don’t think a large or exotic animal is appropriate for a child!A dog is not a good choice for a child due to several facts that are right in front of you face, for example kids like to pull on dogs tails aggravate them ignore them and it can tend to make a dog snappy and bite the child. Even though the dog didn’t mean to bite. But then a dog gets an unfair rep for being a “BAD DOG”. For biting even though the child brought it on. A child really does not need an animal until they are responsible to care for it! And if yo do get your child an animal maybe it ought to be something like a goldfish, were there is not much involved just feeding.Any animal you give a child they need to be able to take on the responsibility to care for it. Most kids lose interest quickly in things and what’s too say they wont with the pet? Then what happens who takes care of the animal, some people just end up getting rid of them instead of taking the time or thinking about it at all. That’s why we have so many animals in shelters abandoned or just thrown to the side! I believe that a child should not have an animal until they are truly ready to care for it. The animal that you choose is just like a child. You have to care for it teach it love it feed it clean and bathing there is so much involved with getting an animal. Can yo truly care for it if yo go away ca the animal go? Who will watch it etc. I think people really need to think about giving a child an animal and what comes with it! There are some children yo do a great job then there are others who are not ready yet for that responsibility in there life! I think children do not need pets until they are truly ready for that responsibility!So just think about it you wouldn’t just have a child with out thinking? So think seriously about a child and a pet!

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