Do children need pets? – Part 5

Do Children Need Pets?

Yes! I truly think so. Let me just say, make sure you don’t have snakes or rodents as pets for children! Discourage your children from desiring these types of pets. They could turn on children! Children need pets such as dogs, cats, or birds! I, as a child, had a dog, cat and bird. 1. It helps them get their minds of themselves. I have a dog and a baby sister and brother. My two little siblings, when they are very fussy, all of a sudden seem to stop fussing when they stare at my dog, Shiloh. There is just something about pets that help children so much. 2. Pets help children to keep fit, active, and healthy in their young childhood years. Many little boys (and even girls) agree that a dog is their best friend. “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Boys and dogs love to romp playfully! 3. When children have pets, they learn the responsibility that is involved. I, as a young girl, had chores every day to do when I had pets. It was my responsibility. If you learn responsibility in early years, this will help you in later life. It’s mainly up to the child, though, if they really want a pet, but I think pets and children really get along. Especially if you have a small family, pets are nice to have. They entertain a lonesome child and they keep a child happy. If a child didn’t have a pet, wouldn’t they be lonely? There is that possible situation when a child is all alone, and when a good, faithful pet is around, this really helps keep a child from being sad. But children do not need nasty pets that are going to turn on them, and then they don’t even need a pet. For example, my dog is very trustworthy. My dog loves to lick my baby sister’s cute face. He seems to be very kind and gentle to all my little siblings. When I was in my teens, I loved playing with my dog Shiloh. 3. Also, children need particular pets for safety reasons. What if a man barged in your house, and started hitting your child or hurting your child? Then your dog would all of a sudden turn ferocious and try to shield and protect that little child he loved! Then definitely you would say-“Oh, look at what that dear dog did! He saved my child’s life. My child needs that dog!”

So whatever you do, remember that rule-“A dog is man’s best friend”, and recommend a pet for a child. Pets are very good entertainers to relieve fussiness in children! A pet could save your child’s life!

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