Do children need pets? – Part 3

Absolutely yes!Children need to have a pet to love. Having a pet teaches the child responsibility. They can learn how to care for something that is there own. Children having disibilities especially need a pet. It has been proven people with disibilities respond well with animals. Having a pet to love and take care of helps a child to feel needed. That means a lot to a child to have a responsibility that they can be good at. Dogs are especially good pets. If a child does not have very many friends a dog is a pet to have. Dogs are very loyal pets. Dogs are also very calming. If you are upset or nervous all the child has to do is pet or hold the dog and they start to calm down. Parents your child needs a their own pet. I know some parents think a dog is supposed to be for the whole family. I happen to think otherwise. Parents your child needs to feel wanted and needed. They need to learn responsibility and what better than to be responsible for something they can hold and love and while they are having fun with they are also learning to do chores to. They can feed it, clean it, love it etc. Another thing pets are good for are teaching the kid to love. There are many children who are bitter from different circumstances in their life and some do not know how to love. If they have something of their own and that they can call their they start learning how to love that animal. Then they may be able to start loving other things. Pets are also good for relaxing and having fun. It doesn’t always have to be work does it? You can play with your pet, teach it new tricks, and just relax with it. Pets are so much fun and they are good teachers, good pets, and best of all great friends. Children you need a pet. Having a pet is one of the best thing you can ever have in your lifetime. I want to give a great shout out thank you to all pets. Thank you for everything you do to help children in all the world.You are a big part of all of our lives. I love my pets and I hope all of you have a pet in your life.

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