Do children need pets? – Part 2

Every child should have a pet if they want one. I think having the unconditional love of a pet all the time is great for a child and if there is anyway that they can have a pet. I highly encourage it. I prefer dogs for several reasons but a cat or a rabbit or ever a hamster is good for the kids and gives them something to do and love other than siblings and parents. I always had a dog or something. I had a pet hen one time when we lived on the farm. She was as loving and affectionate as any other pet. I also had a lamb for several years until she got to big to be in the house and stood up under the kitchen table and spilled a bunch of stuff Mom had just made. That was the end of the lamb in the house.

Giving a child a pet to love and take care of is good for the child and good for the pet both. I think that the child as they get older should be given ,more and more responsibility for taking care of the pet. Dog, especially can be very protective of children and ward off a lot of problems with sex offenders and people who prey on children. A little girl walking with a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever or a Rotteweiler is not likely to be abducted. I know that just as soon as my granddaughters get a house where they can have a dog, grandpa is getting them one. My youngest granddaughter has Spina bifida and I would love to get her one f those help dogs but Don’t know if I will be able to come up with 12-16000 dollars that they cost. They are really neat and are so much help and fun for a special needs child. It is really amazing what they can train a dog to do to help people.. If I ever got rich all of a sudden I would sure give those places some support to help train these dogs for people with special needs.

I think every child needs a pet in their lives and I highly encourage parents to go to the pound a nd adopt a dog for their children. there are millions of wonderful dogs available and then there are the purebreds but generally just a dog makes a better pet.

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