Do children need pets? – Part 1

Well this is my first article, so I thought that I would start of kind of easy. As a pet owner since birth basically, I absolutely believe that children need pets. I may be bias but I feel that dogs are the best pets to have, I have 3 of them and if allowed I would have more. As a small child I had a dog, a golden retriever, and he was fun to play with and he was a protector. It was a good feeling knowing that I had a dog that would be there for me no matter what, a dogs love is unconditional. As a baby I was told that should anyone he didn’t know come near me or my crib he let them know it was not OK. No biting, as he was taught not to, but a little growling until he received an OK from my parents. I was able to always play with him and there was never an issue if I was too rough, he was still as gentle as could be. As I got older this particular dog passed away. Having this happen was a way for me to start learning about death. It was not long after that we got another golden retriever who was there well through my teen years and into my 20’s. This was yet another dog that I could depend on. I had a job at a local convenience store and some times I had to open and other times I had to close the store. My town was pretty safe as it was small, but I still did not like to be out alone when it was dark. No matter which shift I worked my dog was there with me. He would walk me to work for the opening shift and stay there until all the lights were on and people started coming. If I worked at night he would be there just before close as we were cleaning up, of course to get the scraps and to walk me home. This helped me learn a sense of self security and trust. Eventually if he wasn’t there I was able to walk by myself and feel OK. Growing up I also had other animals for pets, cats, rabbits, hamsters, you name it I most likely owned it. Granted I don’t look at those animals the same as my dogs, but having each one also taught me a sense of responsibility. I had to care for each one in a different way and each one required different maintenance. Responsibility is something that every child should learn from a young age so they know it and carry it with them through every year of their life. Now that I am an adult, as stated before, I have three dogs of my own. I have two Maltese and one Golden Retriever. My male Maltese has been with me through boyfriends, marriage, divorce different jobs and moving around. He has been there with me through

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