Determining if you need a dog stroller

When you think about a stroller, you automatically think about a little child, shopping with mommy, right? Well, not any more. Dog strollers are the newest rage when it comes to taking pooch out for a jog or shopping with you. These dog carriers with wheels are now everywhere you look online and on every celebrity’s jog through the park. From plain-Jane to overly extravagant, just what would make one want or need a dog stroller?

Well, just about every vet that you speak to will recommend that you pet, dog or cat, be allowed time outdoors each day to get some fresh air and exercise. But, for some older pets, this is sometimes too hard for them to accomplish. With arthritis, hip and joint problems, and other ailments that can cause harm to your pet if they are to fall outside, allowing your cherished friend some quality fresh air time just isn’t in the cards any longer. This is where a dog stroller can come in handy. These dog strollers can allow your pet (dog or cat) to get some fresh air and enjoy a trip to the park or just around the block with you like they used to.

Most of the dog strollers on the market today offer the same amenities that a child’s stroller would, like: cup holders, mesh basket for holding your items, covered hood with a window so you can see your pet, and even a seat belt to keep Fido safe. Your pet will ride in style and comfort in a seat with padding, and be safely held in by a small gate that will allow them to see out, without falling out. A dog stroller is somewhat of a luxury for those who can’t afford to spend $100 – $600 on their pet, but it can be a great way to keep your pet healthy and happy if they cannot get outdoors any longer due to health problems.

If you are interested in finding a dog stroller that will help you get your pet out and about more, there are many great online pet stores that carry them and offer free or low-cost shipping. You can also check with your local pet store to see which models and brands they carry and to see these dog strollers first hand before you purchase one. No matter which type or brand of dog stroller you choose, you are sure to find that your pet will appreciate getting to go out on a trip in the sunlight with you any day of the week!

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