Detection Dog Training “Passive Alert” Part 1 of 3

Detection dog training video of K-9 BSD behavior shaping device which uses a “active” remote controlled reinforcement. Creating true prey hunt drive in detector dog training by disconecting the handler/ trainer from the reinforcement. during detection dog training dog self discovers action is at the odor source creating a conditioned responce to trained odor. Unmatched drive and focus for training alert and hunting behaviors. Effective with explosives, narcotics or cadaver detector dogs training. Efficiency and accuracy in training by having the flexibility to reinforce behaviors in real work settings. Creating behavior generalization. The K-9 BSD is currently in use with a wide variety of profesional dog trainers. To include 500 plus Police K-9 units, Secret Service, Navy Seals, MWD Military Working Dog Units, US Border Patrol, US Capital Police, Department Homeland Security, Private Security, SAR Search and Rescue. Widley used for IED and Explosives detection dog teams operations in 34 different countries around the world to include Russian Customs, RCMP, French Military, Canadian Speacial Forces.

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