Dealing with your cats death – Part 4

I have had to deal with this issue very recently. My cat of only two years was found dead in a field. The grief of losing him has been great, at least for me. I have found joining a support group for dealing with loss of a pet helps. But there is some other things I have found that is working also. And my hope is to share with you what things I have done to help my through my grief.

Talking about your pet helps. Even if it is to your family that also knew your pet. Telling stories helps you remember your pet as he was. Even if it is painful for you right after losing a pet, remember it is OK to cry. That is why the talking helps. It gets all the crying out of you so you can then move on to this other step I have found for myself.

If you have any pictures, and have a creative friend, have some sort of memorial page made. I myself have asked a friend to make tiles and tags out of a picture of my cat so I can do just this. Since I have an MSN group I will be making a memorial page for my cat and posting it in my group.

I have also found writing a little poem, or a story, about my cat has helped me a great deal. Writing gets your thoughts about your cat down on paper. Something that shows you, at a later date, how much your beloved cat meant to you. I, myself, have written a poem and am helping my youngest daughter write her own about my cat. I am also about to write him into a book I have been planning.

Granted some people don’t understand why some come to love their pet’s just like we would a child or loved one. But for those that do it’s a feeling of relief when we find we aren’t the only ones. I have had an old friend ask me why my cat’s death affected me so badly. If she only knew how much that one animal was there for me when others weren’t wouldn’t she be surprised? My cat listened to every gripe. Sat with me when I was at my lowest, even loved me through all of it. So yes, he was loved in return like no other cat has in my life. I hop this article helps at least a few through their grief for, what I am sure, an exceptional pet.

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