Dealing with your cats death – Part 3

Death of a beloved pet cat falls heavy upon the human heart. A cat’s life span being so much shorter than ours yet so complete and giving while with us there is no way to ever forget the memories and joy they delivered for us while being a part of our life.

After three years, I still have tears upon any discussion of my little cat Tinker’s passing. She suffered so greatly with a brain tumor that was deemed inoperable yet was successfully removed. Regrowth of the tumor took its mighty toll on my little one and the decision to have her continue suffering or have her euthanized dramatically changed my life. Her struggles with life sustained me through the traumatic experience as she passed peering into my face with eyes that could no longer see to find her way.

Treasured memories of enchanting moments within my heart never to be erased allow me to retain the joy and strength delivered from my guardian angel Tinker. Memories of her replay within my heart and mind continually. I wake from dreams where moments rejoining and reunited with her are so real I look for her to be next to me. As I awake from reliving her presence, tears flow as a smile glistens to my face in memory of her little antics. I was so blessed while she was with me and realizing that helps the pain.

Holding onto the good times, the games played, the joy given/received and the memories forever is the only way to deal with the death of my pets. I will always miss her yet she always remains a part of me. Some day I will pass through the gates that she left open as she sits waiting for me to once again play and frolic for all eternity. Knowing now that she is pain free helps ease my own loss of our worldly time coming to an end.

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