Dealing with your cats death – Part 1

About twenty years ago when I was just about thirteen, I had a pet cat named Henrietta, nick named Wee Wee. This was your average black and white alley cat. Well this is not about Henrietta it is about her litter. She had a full term pregnancy but produced one kitten and it was huge so we named this male kitten, Henry.

Henry, as we noticed as he got older grew and grew and grew and weighed in at thirty pounds and stood about twenty seven inches long and about foot and a half high. This was one big cat, which happened to be cross-eyed.

Henry was a loner and kept to himself most of the time. He loved the outdoors and I used to watch him chase squirrels. Ok so Henry sounds like a normal cat who just happened to be bigger then most cats, so what.

I used to live in my mothers attic which was finished and way up on the third floor. Now this room of mine was three stories high and an important part of this story. One day I was looking out the window of my humble abode and noticed Henry was sitting in a tree. The thing is that Henry was sitting as high as I was in my room. He had to be at least sixty feet in the air just sitting there cleaning himself. I should have called this cat Rambo because not only was he chasing squirrels, he was catching them and well you know what comes next. Ok, lots of cats catch small animals and no biggie here.

My father kept rabbits in a pen out back and one day when we went into the yard we saw the mettle chicken wire surrounding this pen was ripped open as if someone had a wire cutter. This was the work of Henry and he must have been hungry. We fed Henry lots and back in the day we also gave the cat table scraps. Henry would eat two cups of cat food, dry, some fish, some meat bones and always had food left over for later on so I have no idea why he would go on his rampages through the neighborhood but he did. Henry, one day just took off as cats do from time to time but we never seen him again. I’ll bet he met up with a squirrel slightly bigger then the average squirrel and this time met his match. Hey, it has been over thirty years and I still remember that cat. He was one of the great ones and one cool cat.

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