Dangers of pampering your pet

Pampering your pets could mean many different things. We (as good pet owners) want to give our pets the best lives that “we” imagine they need. This unfortunately can become exactly opposite of what we are striving to accomplish. We want so bad to “take care of” our pets that we sometimes forget that they (in many cases) do not need to be taken care of. (When I say this, I am referring to more than their nutrional and emotional needs)

Pampering and giving them love/affection/daily needs are two entirely different things.

Depending on the pet, (cat, dog, bird, horse, pig, fish, reptile, etc.etc.etc) we may be talking different specifics but consider this:

Horse owners provide stalls for their horses. They want to provide a nice cozy warm and dry location for their pet to live in. Stalls have benefits in times of illness or necessary seperation circumstances. Other than that, our attempts to pamper have now transgressed into providing an environment entirely Un-natural to the horses way of life. Things to consider are circulation, air-quality, boredom, etc. As much as we want to have that beautiful and safe stall for our horse…we can not ignore the obvious. Horses are not meant to be stalled. We, the owners, want them to be.

This is just one example. I think (as a pet owner myself with horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and a bearded dragon) that we must take caution in our attempts to “provide” for our pets. It is our responsibility to teach them proper manners and socialization. It is our responsibility to make sure they have a healthy loving environment to live in. In the same token, I think we just need to make sure we allow our pets to be themselves as well. As in the case of the horse: They are incredibly resiliant creatures and many times our attempts to make their lives easier, only create more problems for them in the future.


Happy Days with Your Pets!

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