Dangers of kennels for dogs

Before you decide to kennel your dog(s), always check out the facility before you decide to take your dog there. A good kennel will have people there 24 hours a day in case anything happens. They will require you to have vaccinations, ask you to bring things from home, and take an interest in your pet.

People that are friendly to you, will also be friendly to your pet. Don’t be alarmed if they are more friendly to your dog than you. In all honesty, the dog is the client.

You want to have people watch your dog who are knowledgeable about pets and animal behavior. You don’t want someone who has only decided to run a kennel without any prior knowledge of animals. Kennels that have been in business for a long time will have people who know animals.

I’ve heard story after story about how an animal is abused, neglected, etc, at a kennel. That doesn’t mean all kennels are bad. They’re usually stories about how a dog wasn’t given enough room, a result of being crated for a long period of time, decent supervision wasn’t given, or the mistake of placing an aggressive dog with another dog who don’t belong together.

Although it sounds all puppies and flowers to have ‘group’ time, it’s not practical or safe for all dogs. Dogs that have group time need to be pre-screened over a long period of time to assess whether or not they can function appropriately with other animals. Dogs that need space to run around cannot be crated.

Make sure there is enough space for your pet to get plenty of exercise. If your dog is an escape artist, ask if they are prepared to handle a dog who: can open gates, digs, climb fences, charge the door, or any other behavior that can be considered houdini-ish.

Consider the health of your animal before kenneling your pet. Is your pet sick? Is the kennel prepared to handle injections? Do they know how to give a pill effectively? Do they have refrigeration units to store any medications? Do they pay close attention to your instructions on how to care for your pet?

Now ask yourself some questions. How sick is your pet? Does your pet need a lot of personal attention 24 hours a day? Is your vacation worth more to you than your sick pet? Like people, pets will heal faster at home than the hospital or in a strange place.

When choosing a kennel, pick out a kennel based on what your animal’s needs are, the level of animal knowledge the kennel staff has, and the facility available for kenneling your pet. Hopefully this will lead to reducing the dangers of kenneling pets in the future.

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