Coping with the loss of a pet – Part 1

It is so hard to lose the pet that you love so very much. You see when you become so close to your little dog or cat, they become a baby to you.

I know with my little Taffi, she was one of the family. She was more like a person. She gave so much love to us,and she knew when we were sad, when we were happy,when

we were sick. I know my Taffi was always with me . If I had sugary and had to stay in bed. She was there with me. She would get down only to go out side to take care of her you know what. And get a bite of food and back to my bed she would come.

These things I am telling you are important to this story. When she was just a little ball of fur, my son came in one day and said Mom, will you take care of her until Donna and I are married. I fell in love with this little ball of fur. I took good care of her, bathed her brushed her hair,and took her to the Vet. for her shots. And too have a tooth pulled. I was house training her,when one day Donna came over and saw a pile of Pooh on the hall floor. I told her to clean it up. She said; yuck Mom,you do it she is your dog. Well I told her to remember her words

She made me a very happy lady that day.As she grew, she loved to have her picture

taken, she would even smile for you. One day while I was working in the flower bed, digging dirt, planting flowers. With my Taffi helping. I would poor water on the dirt, and she saw it disappear into the ground, and she would work hard trying to dig it up.We played the water game.Then she had to have her bath.She loved the yard ,and when it came winter she would bring in a leaf, a twig, or a rock, a little on of course.

Time went on the birthdays, Christmas, and she always looked for her gift.

She was my beautiful baby. This is a simple story. But So much love.

When she was older she lost her eye sight. She came down with a heart problem. I took care of her seeing that she got her exercise and medication. She had always been there for me when I was sick.Then came the heart breaking time for her to go on with Jesus. Yes I said Jesus. I believe If you ask in the name of Jesus for your beloved pet to be in heaven with you, she will.She was Gods creation. And he loves all things. But sin is not one of them. Well my baby had trouble breathing.

One night I awoke, and jumped out of bed I felt something was wrong with Taffi. She

was not breathing, I started stroking her rubbing her tummy moving her, and praying her, asking Jesus please don’t take her yet. I was not ready to lether go.

She Took a big breath,and was breathing again. I had my baby back.

The next day she was having so much trouble trying to breath I knew I should have let her go on in her sleep.She went out side and sat on her spot looked strait up into heaven, now remember she is blind. But I believe God or his Angels were preparing her for her cross over. I went to her took her sweet little face in my hands Just had to pet her little nose,around her eyes, her pretty ears. It was so hard to let her go. But I knew I had to. Then she started breathing so hard. I picked her up carried her inside. took her to, my bedroom and stroked her with love. She was past moving now. It was so hard to do. But I said its o.k. my sweet baby you can sleep now. Mama will always love you. In a minute she was gone. This was so painful, I cried and cried. But I know My Baby is waiting for me in heaven.Because I asked Jesus. There are animals in Heaven. It is in our Bible.

And remember nothing is impossible with God. After All, He made the world, the animals and the people. He is Awesome, and can answer your prayer for your little babies, Pets Dogs Cats or other.

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