Coping with the loss of a dog

When I first experienced the loss of a pet dog, I was hesitant to get another one. I mean, was I really ready to move on…? What if something happens to the new on…? I had to convince myself that I was only wasting my time, and missing out on a new friend. So if you’re dealing with the loss of a pet, this may help you:

Go ahead and cry! Let all your sadness out. Don’t hold it it because it will all build up, and you’ll have a complete meltdown unexpectedly.

Don’t replace your friend, get another one. Never think of buying a pet as replacing your previous one. You are simply making a new pal.

Understand that pets do not last as long as humans do, and when you are getting a pet, death is going to occur sooner or later.

If you have a child in the household, explain to them what has happened and let them be sad. But don’t let it keep them in a drag for longer than a week.

If you had to put your pet to sleep, make sure you get in a few great last days. This can be very depressing.

Unexpected pet deaths are horrible! You didn’t have a chance to tell your pet you loved them. But don’t worry, dogs know that their owners love them.

I know that the death of a family friend is tough, but it is impossible to avoid. I hope these tips have helped you if you are experiencing this now. I wish the best for you!

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