Companion Pet Care Video | Pet Care in Nashville Please let me start by introducing myself: My name is Heather Sara, and I have been so blessed by gaining the support of so many of my clients that have encouraged me to launch Companion Pet Care. I’m very proud and honored to do what I do, and have the pleasure of working with so many wonderful families and their furry children! I have been a Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician for the past 11 years, with an interest in alternative healing modalities. When I began nursing, I worked with a Holistic Veterinarian which encouraged my interests, and received my certification in pet massage shortly thereafter. Since then, I have additional training in acupressure and reiki massage. I have always felt that I am intuitively in touch with the animals on an unexplainable level. Their body language, the looks in their eyes, the gait in which they carry themselves, their approachability, all speak to me to help me assess what could be needed in their particular care. Compassion and empathy are two ideals I strive very hard to live by and show in my work. I understand that I am not just working for the pet, but the owner as well. I try to communicate and learn from the people I work for in order to provide their companions with the best care possible. My career has offered me the opportunity to get to know so many people in the veterinary field, to create a network of healers and service providers that have each in their own way helped me become a provider of a

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