Common myths about cats

Because of their mysterious nature, cats have often been the subject of folklore

and myths down through the ages. Most myths have just enough truth mixed in to

make them seem like facts. Here are some of the most common:

CATS ALWAYS LAND ON THEIR FEET. It is true, most of the time cats land on their

feet, protecting them from injury during a fall or jump. However, if the fall is

more than a short distance, the cat may be injured even if it lands on its feet.

Care should be taken to protect cats from falling long distances. Sometimes cats

can be injured even if the fall is short, so you should never drop a cat just to

see if it lands on its feet.

CATS CAN SEE IN THE DARK. Because of the structure of their eyes, cats have greater night vision than humans. But they are not able to see in complete absence of

light. The back of their eyes is very reflective, which is why their eyes seem

to glow at night when light shines into them.

CATS ARE UNFRIENDLY LONERS. Cats sometimes have an air of being aloof. And of course, there are some cats who prefer to be alone than with people or other animals. But many cats are very social and can get attached to the people and animals they live with.

CATS CAN’T BE TRAINED. Cats are not as eager to please as dogs, but that does

not mean they can’t be trained. Cats are smart and some can even learn to use

the toilet.

These are just a few of the myths and half-truths about cats that persist. Maybe

the best way to debunk these myths is to get a cat of your own, and see for

yourself what amazing creatures they are!

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