Clicker Training Basics: How to Start Training Your Dog

By Cindy Ludwig, BS (Science), MA (Higher & Adult Education), KPA-CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner), Canine Connection LLC, Dubuque, Iowa ( UPDATE 1 Upon reviewing this video I see that I now add the cue differently than when I first made this video. In behaviors where there is already an existing non-verbal cue, add the verbal cue prior to the known non-verbal cue rather than at the same time the non-verbal cue is presented. In behaviors where there is no existing cue, add the cue as the behavior occurs. This video was made to accompany an article I wrote for Animal Info Publications ( about how to get started in clicker training. Be sure to read both parts! This video includes basic key concepts and should be helpful to novice clicker trainers as well as experienced trainers new to clicker training. The steps outlined in the video include: Step 1: Practice hand-eye coordination Step 2: Condition the clicker Step 3: Teach a simple behavior (hand targeting)

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