Choosing the right name for your cat – Part 3

It is not easy choosing a name for your cat. A cat is considered an additional family member and should take after the family too. It should not sound too similar as your family member’s names but have its unique character in it.

For example if you are called Annabelle and your sister is called Tinkerbelle then don’t name the cat Anna, Tinker of belle or anything that includes this. A short and sharp name would be advised. So while commanding you sound serious. Maybe you can consider naming it stitch, Crag, Curd etc.

Remember try not to name your pet over someone else, as it is not appropraite for the cat to have to be a substitute of another person. Cats are like human too, unique and they have a character of their own too.

Short names would be better as cats are not humans afterall they might have problems recognising their names. It would be good to have short names so it would be easier to train cats and when you call a command.

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