Choosing the right name for your cat – Part 1

Names I pick for my Cats’….Being a great animal lover, Cats are my favorite.I enjoy the soft purrying and the cuddling. My cats’ name is “BUDDY”. When my friend heard that I lost my last cat to seizures, she brought a few kittens for me to see. I said that I am tired of losing pets through the years and didn’t want anymore.I had gotten rid of everything, the toys and bedding, etc.I gave the items to a neighbor for their cat.Well, my heart just fell when I saw the kittens. I was in love again. Buddy was completely different than the other three in the carrier. He was a maine Coon cat, just beautifully marked! I couldn’t resist.

I was holding him knowing that I was going to say yes, that I’d give him a home. He was four months old. Laying in my arms, I was rocking him and said that he was going to be my buddy. From then on, Buddy was the name I gave him. Mostly all my pets had people names,whether dogs, turtles, birds,including cats.I’ve certainly had my share of pets, without a doubt. Never without one,no matter the kind of pet. I have had aquariums with fish as well. Yes! They had people names as well. I believe though, that Buddy is a nick name, which is a change even for me to name a pet.

I know there are names like, Pooky, Mittens, Muffin, Socks, Whiskers, etc. for cats.In the case of dog names, Rocky, Bullet, Bull, Happy, Copper,are just to name a few. Now these I refer to as cute names. For my pets, it is usually…Sabastian, Bobby, Abraham, Sherry, Kate, Cindy, etc. I figured that when These pets would go out, I call them by people names and it sounds better to the neighbors. They most likely believe I lost my child, though when they ask, I tell them I’m calling my cat or dog, whatever pet I have at the time!

Some pet owners, call their pets specific names as to the cuteness and characteristics of their pet or maybe by the color. There’s nothing wrong with that. It depends on the owners preference. Who really knows what the perfect name is for ones pet, as long as they come when called,right? I treat my pets as a child, one of the family and what I refer to as the right name works for me!

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