Choosing the best name for your pet

There are a lot of things that should go into the choosing the proper name for your pet. First and foremost I would think is what kind of a pet is it. While you might call a pet cat or maybe a pet python “Slinky” I don’t think that would be a very good name for a St Bernard or some big breed of dog. You wouldn’t call a solid colored dog “Spot” or at least I wouldn’t. Sometimes you really need to own the pet for a few days to see what kind of a personality they have before you give them a name. When we first got our long haired kitten fourteen years ago, he was all over the place and had the loudest purr when you were holding him. When he played it was like he was turbocharged and when he purred he was almost as loud as my Doge Turbo diesel pickup so for the last fourteen years we have had a cat by the name of “Turbo”.

Our little purebred Dachshund that my mother and father in law got the kid when they were little was Jeetzel which was part of his registered name of “Geist der Jeetzel of Dorn Kenneels”. The kids loved that little dog and talk about the pillar of patience. I would have bit them several times if I had been pulled around by the tail and my my ears pulled like he did. Oh they didn’t mean to hurt him, just being kids. Boy when somebody came to the door he sounded like he would tear there leg off but when you said something to him he would roll over on his back and want his belly rubbed. we had him tn over twelve years before we found him dead in the utility room one day.

We had a black cocker spaniel when I was growing up that was real shaggy so the name “Shag” seemed to be appropriate. That was my Dad’s dog and she would go with him to work and ride on the bulldozer or in the seat of the motor grader for hours and she knew how to get on each piece of equipment. She would eat things out of Dad’s lunch pail that she wouldn’t even look at in a bowl at home. We had a breakfast nook at our house and Dad always sat at the back on the left because he was left-handed and Shag would always get over there behind him and would eat thing Dad would give her off the table that she wouldn’t eat if the rest of us gave her. I had a bedroom in the basement and Dad would let her out at night before he went to bed and she would come down an get in bed with me and get under the covers and go all the way to my feet to sleep. Never did figure out how she could breathe down there but she did.

What kind of a dog it is come into play in naming a dog too. I mean you might name a Mexican Chihuahua Pepe or Pedro but I don’t think that would be very appropriate for a German Shepherd or an Akita. I had a friend who had a faggy little Bichon that she called Fifi. Fit her to a ‘T’. My Akita I named “Suki” which was short for Sukiyaki. A Japanese dog which you would not call Pepe or George or maybe Heinrich. A big dog like a Malamute or a Newfoundland you might call Duke or King but you wouldn’t tend to call a poodle or a Schnauzer those names. My brother had a schnauzer they called “Ashley” that some how fit that dog perfectly.

So as you can see naming a pet has a whole bunch to do with personality and what breed of animal it is.

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