Challenges of having many cats in one household – Part 3

Everyone I know has a little cat that are in there home all cozy and energetic. Who wouldn’t want a friend when no one els is around? I certainly would want one if I was alone or sad, especially when I have a bad day at work. The little cat just comes up to you and purrs, but be aware that the may have a bad day too.

The number one thing people mistake when finding a pet is it’s personality. I know a cat is a nice looking fur ball, but at times they could be outspoken. Then, the cat would mount and attack you for no apparent reason, but you can sometimes change this with training and discipline of the cat. For me I have a adult cat and about five others in my big house. If you are going to have lots of cats at least have a house. I don’t recommend you to have so many in a trailer though. A trailer is not a good environment for a animal nor it si for a human. I live in a house like I said.

If you go out one day and your furry friends fallow you this is a danger at the most ext ream. The little thing is not smart and mite kill itself in the road. Always close the door behind you when going out of the house, and be couscous. The next challenge of having cats in your home is them being so destructive. To tackle this situation you need to train your cat. I know this sounds like a retard but its true. They way you do it is you have to smack it on the nose, talk to id, and pat it with lots of attention. I took the process and in about a month they learned. I mean all the basics of a human except in cat form. I think ist just astounding to me, but I don’t know about you.

All cat owners say that they take a nice little dump every so often, so you need o have some ways to overcome this. What I do is put a big, round, and toilet like litter box in the house. I surely have a little cat room so they can do there dumping in peace. My cats have some much poop and owners don’t always like to clean up the box. For five cats and five litter boxes I dump them five times a week. It’s like one nasty dump every day.

A cats nature is to kill and attack for food, so let the cats out side for a short time to hunt. Also have some litter boxes that are very big and strong. Discipline you pets in a natural way and most of all don’t leave the door open. You will be a fantastic owner if you fallow these easy and at the same time hard steps. I don’t even think there hard.

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