Celebrating holidays with your pets

Pets and Holidays

I am an avid pet lover. They are my children. After my own children had grown and moved on their way, I have taken on even more pets to fill the void. I feel pets are like people and should be treated as such, with kindness, caring, loving, hugging, playing, and even the occasional kiss on the head. They have feelings too, and they understand a lot more than you think they do.

My pets__ (pertaining to the cats and dogs), celebrate the holidays with us. They have Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and even Easter. There are many things you can do with your pets on these events. After about the second or third time around, they will actually come to recognize and enjoy them as much as you do.

For instance: My dogs and cats just love Christmas. Once that tree goes up, they are wired with excitement. When I begin putting packages under the tree, they start snooping and sniffing to see which ones are theirs. On Christmas morning, they sit with us around the tree and open their gifts just like everyone else. They will even help open yours if you let them. Sure the mess of wrappings upon the floor can be quite bountiful, but to watch them have so much fun is well worth it. And what kid doesn’t like new toys every year?

Here is a list of ideas for you to become closer and have fun with your pets.

(Christmas)- is the biggest and most favored. Wrap up a few toys and goodies (treats), that they can smell. There is a wide variety out there to choose from. Before long, they will be un-wrapping those gifts and having a great time.

(Birthdays)- These can be accomplished very simply with a gift or two, along with a surprise treat in their dinner.

(Thanksgiving)- Give them a tiny bit of that turkey, dressing, potatoes, vegetables, and gravy that you’re eating, mixed in with their dinner. That little bit once a year is not going to hurt them, and they will feel like a special part of the family as well, instead of being left out only to savor the smell.

(Halloween)- This one could be tricky, but here’s what I do. (For dogs only)

Buy a couple packs of yummie’s the same time you buy Halloween candy. Open the yummie’s and put them in a bowl just like you do the candy. When trick-or-treaters come knocking at the door, when you hand them their candy you can now hand one to your dog, or even a dog that a child might have accompanying them.

(Easter)- can be very exciting as well. I know many of you already include your cat or dog in Christmas festivities_ But how many of you actually thought about the Easter Basket? There are many things you can fill an Easter Basket with for your pet. You can line the basket with grass, unless your pet has a tendency to eat strange abnormal items.

Here are some suggestions for both a cat and a dog to have an Easter Basket of their own.

(Dog Basket)

Multi flavored biscuits

People crackers

Dog Kisses

Cheese flavored (pup)corn

Beef sticks

Little bags of carry outs, which usually come

in many flavors and shapes.

A small toy and a stuffed rabbit

And don’t forget the dental sticks and perhaps a new toothbrush.

(Cat Basket)

Kittie yummie’s

Cat nip

Play mouse

Catnip filled ball

And an item that is fairly new, called cat grass.

I usually try to grow this in a small container about 2 weeks in advance.

There you have it. I am by no means an expert or veterinarian when it comes to animals, but I can say that my pets have a clean bill of health and are very happy and satisfied.

For more talk and fun things to do with your pet, visit PetLovers.Com

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