CATS TRAINING. It’s all here! How to Train a Cat Tricks Yes, even cats can be taught tricks. Some cats are easier than others. Here are some techniques that will help you train yours. Step 1 First you need to know what your cat absolutely loves. Step 2 Clicker training works very well on cats. The concept is to get one of these little plastic clickers, click it and treat the cat simultaneously until the cat associates the click with the treat. It is a lot faster to click the clicker than to feed the cat so when the cat actually does the behavior, you can ‘mark’ it and the cat knows the treat is coming. If you just use treats, by the time you give the cat a treat, he or she may be doing a totally different behavior and you are essentially rewarding the new behavior, not the one he/she was doing a second ago. Step 3 Get the cat’s attention. The sound of the freezer door where shrimp is kept usually is enough for my shrimp-lover. Do what works for yours. I always call mine. They so look forward to training (and rewarding) sessions that they always come when called. This means if ever I NEED to call them, they will also come. Step 4 Once you have the cat’s attention, wait (and this may take awesome patience) until he/she makes at least the beginning of the move you want. For example, to make my cat, Nori, “spin” I would move my hand around his head while he is sitting. When he gets up and starts to turn I click and treat. Before long he starts to get up and move around automatically

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