Cats: Increasing a childs understanding of care – Part 1

Okay, you held out as long as you could. You used every excuse you could think of to avoid getting a pet. But at last you caved. “All right, you can have a pet, but you have to take care of it yourself.” Of course, you are assured over and over that your child will love taking care of his or her own pet. “Yeah, right,” you mumble under your breath. But still, the joy on a child’s face when he receives his first pet is priceless. You can’t help but smile and join in on the excitement.

Now you’re home and the time has come to instruct your child in care giving. It is very important to start out right away letting the child take care of the pet. You can show him or instruct him, but let him do the actual care. Explain the importance of providing the proper care.

Hopefully, you brought home every thing you need to get the pet off to a proper start. We’re assuming the pet here is a kitten. Necessary items include a litter box, litter, a scooper, kitten food, bowls for food and water, maybe a pet bed, and some toys. Don’t forget the toys. Kittens need toys just like children do.

The first thing is filling the litter box. Let the child pour it into the box and level it out. Explain the importance of keeping it clean. He should clean the clumps out every day. Place them in a plastic bag and dispose of them. Let him put the kitten into the litter box. Kittens are so very smart. Once they have used a litter box, they generally will return to it on their own. Find a good spot out of the way for it and leave it there. Don’t move it around, at least not at first. A good idea is to have him write down the day the litter was put in the litter box. The litter should be emptied out and changed every week.

Next is the food and water. Explain that he must check this every morning and give the kitten fresh food and water. Show him how much food to put in the bowl. You don’t want to overfill it for a kitten. Again, stress how important it is to keep the kitten fresh food and water. No forgetting or putting it off till later.

If the kitten will be outside, explain the importance of checking it for ticks or fleas. And last, but certainly not least, let him play with his new friend. Bring out the toys and let the fun begin. You will be watching two very happy little creatures. It’s moments like these that you will always remember.

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