Cats and the new baby

Everyone always told my grandma the dangers of having a cat as a pet while raising a baby. They would say the cat would take a baby’s breath away and kill it. No matter how many times my grandma heard this, she insisted things were different.

My grandma always had a pet cat. When I was a baby, she had two Siamese cats named Muffin and Autumn. A few weeks after I was born, she took me in to help out my mother. She never got rid of her cats. She knew they would never hurt me and that these “rumors” were simply that, rumors.

Every night, she’d lay me down to bed and Autumn would come in and lay in my crib with me. The first few nights, my grandma watched. What she saw wasn’t a baby killer, but a baby guardian. Autumn sat there all night making sure no one came to my crib. If I woke up or cried in my sleep, Autumn would jump out of my crib and wake up my grandmother. No matter where I was, Autumn was there to guard me.

Muffin wasn’t really a baby guardian. He acted more like a toy of mine. He let me put baby clothes on him and push him around in my little stroller. He also let me pick him up and carry him all over the house. He never bit me or scratched me. He never seeked revenge at night and tried to “take my breath” either. He was my best friend.

I still remember how soft the fur of my two friend Siamese cats was. Autumn lived until I was about 10 years old and never stopped guarding me. Muffin died of cat leukemia when I was 15, but was always my favorite toy.

This is just my experience. Many others will say different and criticize this. They may even disbelieve it. Whatever people think, this is my story, and I will tell it! Siamese cats are baby guardians!

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