Cats and the computer

Cats are not the best timekeepers in the world, and don’t care if you are working or not- If they want attention, they want it THEN, not five minutes from now. As I type, my 25 pound cat (no, I am not exaggerating) is sitting on my lap, purring contentedly and sleeping away. When I move, he gives me the look of death and then returns to sleep. The only possible way to get him to leave would be to physically move him or throw a cat treat on the floor- but he would just jump back up again. This proves to be a problem when you are working on a school project or paperwork, or even work from the computer at home.

This leads to researching and finding different ways to get the cat off of your lap so you can work. The ideal way is to train them from when they are kittens to NOT sit on your lap while you are working, but more often than not, it is to late for that. Another thing would be to get a window seat (if your computer is located next to a window) for your cat to sit on, but then you have to train the cat to use it. An easy way to do this would be to put some catnip on the seat, and then place your cat on the seat. Hopefully, if you do this enough, the cat will jump on the window seat instead of your lap. Training is, however, a small price to pay for some peace of mind and an easier work schedule, not to mention an empty lap when you’re working on that term paper or work report.

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