Cats and litter training – Part 6

Teach your cat to use the toilet.

It is much easier then you think, it just takes a bit of time. You will need to purchase a toilet seat, and have a few copies of the yellow pages handy. It is best to do this when still young, but i have heard of older cats being trained.

Place the litter box next to your toilet, and place the spare toilet seat over the litter box. So you now have your toilet, and your litter box with a toilet seat on the floor next to it. Leave it for a week, and let the cat get used to it.

After a week has passed, place a copy of the phone book under the litter box to raise it slightly. Leave that set up for another week. Each following week, add another copy of the phone book until the litter box with the toilet seat cover is even with the toilet. Leave them both up for a week or so, and then remove the litter box.

Your cat will know use the toilet, but remember, he still can not flush, no opposable thumbs:)

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