Cats and litter training – Part 5

ASK Snap…..Why do cats pee outside the box?

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WEll…several reasons could be causing this to happen…

1. First..illness go to the vets and tell them whats going on…get tested for (A.) Sugar ,(B.)Urinary track infection,(C.)cysts..ect

2.IS the cat box kept clean? As we get older…things change…our own smells can cause us to not want to be in the box…we try to cover up the smell we can’t get rid of..even with clean litter…if the box is not emptied out and scrubbed with a germ killer..we can smell the urine..and if this is a multi cat’s worse.Some of us do not want to poo and pee in the same place..needing 2 boxes.HEY so we’re clean animals by nature…So if you have alot of cats…you need alot of boxes…clean ones.

3.Did you move the box? If there is alot of people traffic…who wants to crap in public?

4.Is your cat DECLAWED? If it is and your having problems…I hope it pees in your bed…you deserve it…De clawing you cat is about the cruelest thing you could ever do to a living thing…I know due to ignorance..some owners did not realise what they were doing..BLAME YOUR VET…I know most of you love your pets and would never do anything to hurt them…but it almost ALWAYS causes some behavioral of which is not wanting to scratch the litter…hurts …HURTS…..If this is the case try using paper shredded in you litter box ..changing it everyday..yes it ‘s a pain to do this but …It is NOT the cat’s FAULT…UNDERSTAND?

5.If none of the above apply..then it’s Jealousy..plain and simple. If you have a multi cat home, especially if some go in and out and others or one has to stay in…the dominant cat does not want the others to have the house,chair bed…or they pee…knowing that the other cats will not lay next to or in the urine smell(unless it’s their own.)What can you do to stop it?….mmmmmm …NOTHING… DON’t YELL at your cat…don’t rub their nose in it PLEASE…they will only REBEL and make matters worse…TRUST ME…your not dealing with a dog..WE think ahead…plan…it can get scary!You can cause other behavioral problems,biting… you bed.” target=”_top”>..http://i.mynic” alt=”myspace codes” border=”0″>

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Illness…not eating…chewing out fur…The only thing you can do is take up your rugs…bare floors are easy to clean.Covers on your furniture..washable.Some

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