Cats and litter training – Part 4

Have you ever noticed that each cat approaches the litter in the box differently? I know this sounds odd, but if they will let you watch (and some won’t), it is a very interesting view of animal nature to observe how each cat has a different modus operandi. Traditionally, it is said that cats cover their feces so that their scent will not be left for their predators to find. This certainly makes sense in a feral, jungle setting, but in the private litter-box corner or corners of your home?

One interesting point is the WAY cats cover their stuff. This tells a lot about their unique personalities and dispositions. I have one male cat that sweeps the litter from one box into the next one, both of which are uncovered and next to each other. (We have tried moving them apart, but he doesn’t like that.) In another area of the house, there are covered boxes, and I have one cat who will only use the box immediately after the litter is changed, which I have to do every day in a multi-cat household. She will wait until I am finished no matter how badly she has to g, and will never opt for another choice of box while I am in the throes of working on one. It has to be THAT box.

I use different brands of litter because my cats like some and don’t like others. Believe me, you can tell. They will let you know their preferences in ways you cannot miss. I tried Feline Pine, which is very good for the environment because it is recyclable as mulch, but it didn’t do much to improve the environment around my house. I also use Tidy Cat brand and Hartz Mountain, which is a tie in terms of preferences in my house.

I find that some cats are very messy (like my fellow mentioned above), and others are so neat that you can barely tell they paid a visit to the box. One of mine takes the litter from one end of the box and sweeps it up into the other end before covering it up. She will also meow during the process obviously explaining the procedure to anyone nearby who might be able to understand her motives. When she leaves the box, it’s almost as if she expects a fanfare from an adoring public as she waits and looks in both directions before stepping onto the ground.

Who knows about these creatures? One thing is certain. They keep you on your toes and there is never a dull moment in any home in which they reside!

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