Cats and litter training – Part 3

Kittens are born with instincts to use the litter box that they are provided with, but occasionally cats and kittens do not use their boxes. Don’t worry, the cats have not lost their instincts. There is some problem laying in the way for the cat to be satisfied with it’s litter house.

I learned this the hard way when my kitten started using the bathroom in the floor. We took her to multiple vets and I researched for a good amount of time on the issue. I am hoping this compilation of information I have gained will be helpful to another.

First, if you have more than one cat, it is recommended that there be one more litter box than you have cats. Basically if you have two cats have 3 litter boxes. In my personal experience, having one for each cat has worked for me. Also, cat’s are particular about their litter. You should go with a type that doesn’t clump. Make sure the litter is away from the location the cat is eating in because it will not want to use the bathroom where it eats or possibly sleeps. Cats also dislike dirty litter so it needs to be changed regularly depending on the cat.

Now to the hard part, the kitty can be acting out with their behavior because they are upset about something. This was the case with our cat. She was not adjusted to a week my husband was out of the house and this is when the peeing in the house started. A vet recommended giving her away, but this didn’t appeal to me and I had to watch why she was doing this. She stopped urinating in the house when me and my husband are here but if both or just one of us go on vacation and leave her at home, she uses this behavior and only at this time.

Also have the kitty checked at the vet for any physical problems before looking to the other solutions.

Hopefully you can narrow these ideas down in comparison to your cat and come up with a solution for your family

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