Cats and intelligence – Part 4

After an association of a little over thirteen years with my cat, Nadine, I believe I have begun to understand the psychology of cats. Nadine is a black cat with a few irregular white spots on her belly. Though she has never been a mother, she doesn’t appear to have missed being either pregnant or a mother.

Though many people believe they choose their kitten, from observation, I have concluded that cats choose their humans. Nadine and I began our association when at three weeks, she reached out her paw and patted me as I stood conversing with my apartment manager. The next week she both patted me and nuzzled her nose against my exposed palm.

By the time six weeks had passed, Nadine and I had become great friends and since she was the last kitten my manager’s cat had produced, my manager suggested I should adopt her. I agreed to do so upon hearing that I was the only visitor she had had that Nadine paid any attention to. I dutifully purchased a cat carrier, something I was to learn Nadine did not like. She made the point on the way to the Vet’s by producing the most foul smelling cat crap that has ever assaulted my nostrils. As a result I placed the offensive box in the trunk. She peaceably took her place on the passenger seat next to me and expressed her pleasure in the new arrangement by purring and licking my hand.

She still insists on freedom in the car and still hates the confinement of a cat carrier, defecating most odiously when confined there-in, but being a perfect lady if she is given her freedom.

It is my conclusion that, unlike dogs, cats, rather than being trained, train you. It seems to me that they are genetically programmed to remember when en worshiped them and simply can’t look at ungraceful humans as diets, something nearly every dog does.

In summary, cats must be treated with defference. They will accept your worship and allow you to provide their necessities, but will as readily reject all your offerings. Treat them with respect and they will return it, but you must never try to bully or push them into your idea of ideal cat behavior.

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