Cats and intelligence

My cat is very smart. Smarter then the average dog, I think. He always greets me when ,I come into my house. When I tell him to get down off of something he does it. When I call him to come to me, he does. Cats know when you want to pet them, and they just don’t want to be petted. They take one look at you at run off. Then they hide and stay hid awhile. My Sammy cat can almost tell time. He knows when it is time for my kids to get on the bus and go to school, as well as he waites by the door for them when they come back. He is also a better attack cat then any dog could be. My sister had not greeted him yet, he thinks that everyone comes to see him. So there she stood, whatching tv, when he climbed her leg and demanded that she pet him.He also will climb your leg if you pet him too much. He will let you know when he is out of food. Espically if you are sleeping through his normal feeding time and he is without food. He jumps on my head in the moring and I know he needs food. He will pester me until I get him some Meow Mix. I began to wonder if he had been reading my Garfield Comic Books(LOL)I love Uncle Sam sooo much! I couldn’t ask for a better pet. My friend found him on the fourth of july. She had gone to check her mail. And he followed her home. He refused to be without a home. She had been walking her son, in a wagon and at the mailbox, Uncle Sam jumped into the wagon with the child! She couldn’t have a cat. I wanted one. So I adopted him from her. It was love at first sight.I also buy chirstmas presents for my little Sammy. He knows which stocking is his. Yeah, it’s because he get’s cat nip mice. But he still goes after it. He knows when I am going on a trip too. He always gets freeked out when I get my suite case out of my closet. His tail floofs out when he see’s it. Then when I get back he ignores me. Cats even know the silent treatment. Cats are itelligent animals. And better then dogs. My cat is very well trained. He only drinks out of the fish bowl when I am not looking. Or at night when I am in bed asleep. He doesn’t bother the gerbils because he can get free food from the kids plates at dinner time any-way! I mean come on, chicken taste much better then an uncooked gerbil! When I call him, he anwsers me with a meow! He is just as loyal as any dog out there!Cats are fun for childern. My kids love our cat! They make them run and chase him around the house. My cat wears them out! Plus, cats make great entertainment during the hoiladays when you sit around and be bored! Just whatch a cat climb a tree and knock over all your priceless orinaments! Hours of laughter there! You can always win the money back on Americas Funniest Home Vidoes with that clip! See that cat knew that would happen! He is lovable,loyal, guard cat, frisky playmate, and the best buddy anyone could hope for. I think everyone should have a cat in there home! They are very much worth it! Go to an animal shelter or adopt a pet and pick out you kitty today! And whatch the fun begin!

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