Cat treats: Cat treat tips and advice – Part 1

There is nothing more relaxing than having a content cat sitting purring in your lap, but cats are much more independent than many other pets. One of the things that you can use to encourage a cat to bond with your are cat treats.

This is not just bribery as it may feel, but a natural connection between cats. Wild cats hunt together and share food and gourmet cat treats can be more effective in creating that bond than filling its food dish, as well as allowing you a chance to improve the overall health of the cat with healthy cat treats.

Making homemade cat treats which are healthy is an excellent way to save money while helping to improve the health of your cat as well as allowing you to hide medicine in a way that the cat will enjoy. But you do not have to make them yourself for the cat to have healthy cat treats. There are many excellent treats available for cat lovers.

Some of the more popular treats available are Bonita Tuna Flakes which are often called cat caviar, Pawbreakers, the Candy for Cats, and Pill Pockets for Cats which as the name implies are perfect for getting a cat to eat its pills.

Another way to entertain a cat are the small plastic balls which can be filled with any small treat. These are an excellent way to encourage a cat to be both playful and active. As they push the ball the treats inside work their way through the small hole.

Beyond the ability to convince a cat to sit in your lap cat treats can be used to teach cats to behave as you want. Just as other animals a reward for good behavior can be excellent for keeping that behavior going, but they can also be used to train a cat.

The independence of cats can lead people to the belief that you can’t elicit specific behavior from a cat. This has a grain of truth as cats are more difficult to train than some animals but they are by no means impossible and a handful of gourmet cat treats can be a good start.

So whether you just want to encourage a shy cat to spend more time near you or help them to become part of the family or even to teach specific behavior health cat treats can be an important tool in your arsenal.

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