Cat Training Is Not Always Easy

Cat training is not always easy, but it is possible if you want to have a well trained cat that will add a lot of fun, joy and laughter to your family. A cat that is not properly trained will not understand what is acceptable and what is not, which is why cat training is so important to both the cat and his/her owner.

It is much easier to instill good habits on a kitten as opposed to an older cat, which is something that every cat owner should take into consideration prior to selecting a new addition to their family. It is thus best to begin your cat training as early as possible.

Well first, let us at some basic fundamentals when training your cat:

1) The bonding process is especially important while you attempt cat training.

2) It is important to remember that reprimands don’t work well in cat training. This is a totally unacceptable method and instead of having a positive impact will have a negative impact.

3) Cat training tries to encourage good behavior and discourage bad behavior.

Now, let’s look at some of the problems you may face as a cat owner and how to resolve them.

So is there any method to prevent or reduce scratching?

One method would be to spray some lemon juice on certain targeted areas where your cat is about to scratch. Another method is to use repellants instead. However, using repellants may not be a good way as your cat may be sensitive to them. Of course the cat will never stop scratching but using caps is also a good method to prevent damage when your cat scratches something. Cat training for indoor cats may also involve the implementation of a scratching post, which will prevent them from ruining furniture or carpet with their nails.

These are some of the house cat training methods to prevent your cat from scratching your favorite furniture or objects.

Another typical problem that many cat owners face is training them how to use the litterbox.

One method to train your cat will cover a period of several weeks during which the litterbox is elevated and moved until it is near the toilet. During this period, the litter can be suspended above the toilet using either a small bowl or box. At the end of this training period involving the toilet, the cat will be able to use the toilet by perching over the bowl.

Being a cat owner is not a one day process, it takes time and patience to train your cat to your ideal expectations but remember not to rush things as it will have a detrimental effect instead.

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