Cat Training : How to Get a Cat to Stop Biting

You can get your cat to stop biting you if you freeze your position to take the fun out of it for the cat, or you can encourage the cat to bite a stuffed toy or feather instead. Learn how to direct your cat’s bite elsewhere in this free video on cat training. Expert: Erin Boyle Bio: Erin Boyle, a graduate of the Animal Behavior College and a certified dog trainer (ABCDT), also has a degree in veterinary technology and works as a registered veterinary technician (RVT). Filmmaker: Kelly West Series Description: If your kitty needs to stay out of the window blinds, stop digging up the garden, get used to a new puppy or stop biting the hand that feeds it, these cat training tips will come as a great relief. Learn cat-owner survival skills from a registered veterinary technician in this free video series.

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