Cat toys: What are the best cat toys? – Part 3

When you see cats and kittens outdoors it is obvious that they like to play. Cats sleep as much as 18 hours a day and when they are awake they need the exercise that play gives them. It’s fascinating to watch cats when they are awake as they can be seen chasing and leaping on each other, stalking unknown prey in the grass, chasing bugs, observing the birds as they fly by and investigationg anything unknown or new in their territory.

Play is fun but it is also beneficial for the cat as it gives them the exercise they need to maintain good physical as well as emotional health. Cats can get bored if not stimlated by something exciting and your pet won’t be bored if you play with him daily. A cat window perch is a great “boredom breaker” as the cat can watch the birds outside the window chattering outside the window.

Play also stimulates intellectual growth and helps kittens learn basic survival skills as well as helping them to socialize with people. Play is also important as it can challenge a cat’s intelligence and teach them skills they need to know. Cats are wonderfully inquisitive and they need challenge and excitement in their lives and there are great toys that can keep your pet happy, stimulated and not bored.

Toys that stimulate a cat’s intelligence and promotes the exercise they need can be “play-alone” toys like an automatic lazer chaser which shines a dot on the floor or wall and moves evey time the cat moves. The cat, no matter how hard he tries cannot catch the “dot” but he will try for a long time. Another example of a challenge to your cat is a motion sensor toy that when it senses the cat near it, pops out some fake mice and pops them back in before the cat can catch them. Cats will try to catch their prey for quite a while, having fun and getting exercise at the same time.

Some cats don’t initiate play and for them there are “play-together” toys like a “batta-bird” toy where a fake bird is attached to a string. Waving the bird in front of the cat will get him batting at the bird and play time goes into full swing. Not all toys need to be bought in a pet store. Cats enjoy chasing anything that moves so dragging an ordinary string along the floor or dangling it in the air will get your cat running after it just as well as a store bought toy. Roll up some paper into a tight little ball and throw is down on the floor – your cat will chase it as if it were a mouse. Fun, exercise and inexpensive – can’t get any better.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for toys for your cat is that they are safe to play with, they stimulate your cats intelligence, he gets the exercise he needs to prevent overwight problems and makes play fun as well. Be sure to get interactive toys that you and your cat can enjoy together. Your cat is a wonderful companion and playing with him will help him ( or her ) bond with you and that is ultimate benefit of making sure your pet getsplenty of play time.

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