Cat toys: What are the best cat toys? – Part 1

The question comes to many pet owners that what toys will they get there pet? This is a hard task especially for people with cats. A cat likes to play with toys not humans. A dog will play with a human but will not play with the average toy. You need to take this into consideration when picking a toy for a cat.

now, as a proud pet owner of 3 little kitties that are the most playfully in the world, I would need to get them some toys. The question is let them find there own toys outside or give them toys for the house? Some tiys I have are the electric mice that will offer the cat many centeries of fun a enjoyment. When a cats outside it can hunt and explore the world. From a statistic form the department of animals cats ore more happier inside instead of outside.

Form all this information the best way o treat a cat is to get it toys. Some good places to get some fun and good looking toys is the pet store. I recommend not to go to was mart alt all. Walmart is a cheap store that gives you old toys and cheap crap. I go to target or a pet Store, like pet co to get my toys. Some toys would be in stock and some won’t, so first check on the net for whats in and whats not.If you are poor and don’t have a computer then ask a friend that does. You would wont a toy thats not cheap but expansive. I mean like ten bucks or so. Not that much if your talking of a toy just for a cat. A mouse toy is the best, but you can also get the fur balls too. A owner wants the most for the pet, so you would also wont to get a cat roll and play house.

The mouse toy relates to the animals instinkes of hunting. If you put anything that looks like a mice in any form of them they automatically go and attack. Well, in some cases if its fat and just ate the it wont go for it. Now, the most least expensive toy is the fur ball ranging form three bucks to five bucks. Thats a pretty good price for the enormous fun the cat gets out of it.

Lastly, a cat home almost like it. It gives the cat a place to attack fur and all the things that come with it. All the massive tunnels inside it and all the rooms. If I’m right I think there’s 3 rooms inside. The most fun for a cat and nothing els is the cat house because its simply the way its built.

I hope you consider the mass variety of all the toys that range form a fur ball to a house. Don’t ever get the cheap toys from Walmart either. Walmart is cheap and doesn’t have the right stuff at all. A cat like a mouse and Walmart doesn’t offer a mouse. The cat is a precious animal so don’t treat it wrong and give it some toys.

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