Cat toys: What are the best cat toys?

You have wisely entered into a mutually beneficial agreement with one of feline quintessence, and in return for the precious moments of sheer and uninhibited acceptance, you want to make available a tangible tool for your pet’s enjoyment.

A cat toy will provide for your significant other’s pleasure in a manner that stimulates her most notable characteristics: agility, curiosity, touch, scent, and secrecy (all hunter sensibilities) while protecting your investment from unnecessary injury. Your feline companion will require episodes of togetherness as well as times of solitary recreation, and a preferable object of amusement will serve well in either circumstance.

Lance, a male cat I had the pleasure of acquaintance with, preferred instruments that he could utilize in sportsman fashion akin to the motions and sounds of hockey pucks: aluminum foil balls. These relatively priceless wonders produce extended periods of delight for both the feline and his trusted companions. Lance enjoyed the physical realities of a long hall and very smooth flooring – both circumstances he made thorough use of when engaging in self imposed exercises with his object of full concerted interest. The aluminum foil ball offers a feather light, textured, inflexible and round projectile that is capable of rebounding off of walls, furniture, and other firm objects (including living things) without inflicting any harm whatsoever, all the while giving off rough, slightly scratchy but low volume sounds of action and impact: pure joy!

We tried offering similar enjoyments to Kitty (a strikingly beautiful spayed female with a coat impressive of the finest cashmere to the touch), but she was rather offended. Kitty’s preferences run in the softer, quieter varieties of pastime amusements: well sewn pretend mice puffy with irresistible essence of Nepeta (catnip), which she, in perfectly unsophisticated abandon, pours out her affections upon for long minutes of biting, wrestling, and rubbing.

Aluminum foil balls and mice of Nepeta are two examples of small, safe, inexpensive, positively appreciated playthings enjoyed by innumerable felines. The one drawback to these light, mobile toys is their propensity to disappear behind, under, or into things; rendering them temporarily lost or inaccessible to you and your beloved pet. A minor disadvantage, this mandates a creative but busy companion to seek out a more sizable enjoyment to occupy the cat’s attention when the other objects are removed from accession, and we have discovered such a treasure: the play cube is light, flexible and mobile, but large enough to house your cat.

Timid and suspicious at first, Kitty has grown to wholeheartedly appreciate the versatile cube: thoughtfully designed with openings on multiple sides for entry and outlook; sturdy fabric-encased wire frames walls of thin, semi-waterproof, bright colored, taut and opaque material behind which your pet detects shadows and movement. As is customary, the cat trains the human, and such has been our learning experience regarding the cube- it is useful for a cat to hide in for predatory attacks on a favorite soft mouse toy, or to enjoy a ride provided by agreeable human powered propulsion, or for chase games with a friend of any persuasion, an energetic tumble (as affectionately as with the mouse!) and even for a quiet time of relaxed slumber.

The aluminum foil ball, mice of Nepeta, and play cube are simple, inexpensive toys that repeatedly elicit recreational times of pure joy for your beloved pet cat, rivaled only by the pleasure of chasing a moving beam of focused light. Enjoy.

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