Cat Toilet Training – Jinx – Step 3

Jinx is using the Litter Kwitter toilet training system. This system mounts on your existing toilet and has 3 insert plates. The one you see here is the third step in a 3 step training process. Step 1 is a tray that has no hole that sits on the toilet. Step 2 is an orange tray with a small sized hole int he middle and step 3 is the green you see here. After taking a period of a week or two to get the cat to begin jumping to the toilet I feel like I’m home free in the training process. Many folks who document this process say it’s the hardest to get them to simply get up on the toilet. For Jinx she is pretty young (7 months as of today) and she’s been pretty malleable with that concept. She was afraid of the hole at first, and she’s just a little uncomfortable right now with the lack of dirt to bury things under. The longest part of her process is going to be getting her to realize that when her ‘poo poo’ is under water it doesn’t smell. I have been at it for 6 weeks and Jinx is doing great. She has had a total of 3 accidents since we started doing this, all three of them went to the couch and I believe it was because I hadn’t cleaned her tray enough to her liking, and also because I’m trying to lower the amount of litter used in the tray she sometimes considers other places to go. The process is not automatic, you have to hold her hand every step of the way. Constant reminders to go ‘pee pee’ and ‘poo poo’ in the ‘potty’ and huge amounts of praise when she comes out and

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