Cat Rides Elevator Advanced Training

Living and working in the Old Rainier Brewery means that even my kitty needs to become a social animal. There are several cats and dogs in the building, and my neighbor Conan told me that his kitties Tucker and Loki can ride the elevator and visit. That got me thinking: I should teach Charles-Monet how to ride the elevator by taking him every day for a couple of weeks until he gets used to it. Why would you want to train your pets to ride the elevators? Well, it sure beats carrying them all the time! But you want your pets to be comfortable with entering and exiting your space, as well as being comfy with your neighbors if they ever pet sit while you’re gone. Update: CM has difficultly exiting my house and going into the elevator, but no problem coming back home. Currently he has to be carried or pushed into the elevator. (01/14/2011) For more fun things about living in an art space, please see my blog and subscribe there. Charles-Monet thanks you for your support.

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