Cat food reviews: Purina

Purina Cat Chow has been a staple food for the cats in our home for around the past twenty years and it will remain in our cupboard for as long as a kitty resides in our home. Purina Cat Chow provides all the factors that we are looking for in a cat food. It has amazing nutritional levels for a great price point. It’s fat content ranks in porportion to other cat foods with much higher price tags. Cat Chow has enhanced protein, Omega fatty acids to keep fur shiny and skin healthy, calcium and phosphorus for bone and tooth health, and antioxidants to insure a healthy immune system. It’s fat content is a minimum of thirteen percent which ranks much higher than lower grade cat foods and this fat content level is in the same range as much higher priced kitty foods.

I know these facts because my daughter and I spent a good hour in the pet department one day just reading labels. We did our research and for it’s price point, Purina ranked as the number one nutritional choice that we could make for our cats, and so that is what we did! Purina Cat Chow moved into our homes that day and it has remained there ever since.

My cats are also under the impression that it tastes great. On a past trip to my brothers, my current kitty was offered a store brand kitty food, which was the food that my brother at the time was feeding his pair. Well I can let you know that my kitty took it as a personal insult and decided to starve to death rather than touch that “so called” food! After three days of watching her skulk around the food dish, I gave in, I went down and purchased a bag of vacation Cat Chow. The bowl was emptied almost as quickly as I filled it. The bowl was attacked by not only my kitty, but also by my brother pair of felines, they dove into that bowl as though cavior was on the menu! As my brother watched his precious Pebbles and BamBam searching for any small scrap of this delicious treat that might have escaped them, he like myself was converted, he switched to Cat Chow and hasn’t looked back since.

Although Cat Chow is the product from Purina that I choose for my pets, it is important to note that Purina has a full line of pet food products to meet the special needs of all kitties regardless of their race, age or circumstances. In addition to Kitty Chow for the wee little ones, Purina offers up a full line of “Purina One” products. Here you can choose a dry cat food to suit the specific needs of your pet. You can select an appropriate food for your pet based on his or her condition or environment, a few formula choices available are: Healthy Weight Management Formula, Indoor Cat Formula, Adult Chicken And Rice Formula, Sensitive Systems, Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula, Growth and Development, Purina One Adult and Purina One Kitten. There is a Purina One product to suit every kitty out there!

Now I can understand that Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula might not sound that appetizing to us humans, but trust me, Fluffy, Mama, Goofy and Gaffer will love it! Once your kitty gives Purina a try you won’t ever go back to those No Name brands again.

Bon appetit wee kitty!

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