Cat food reviews: Breeders Choice – Part 1

Breeder’s Choice has been providing pet foods for our dogs and cats for 60 years. The company is a third-generation, family-operated business that offers high-quality, natural pet foods.

In 1982, the company started producing a line called AvoDerm. This product is one of the industry’s best selling products and the line has since extended to include treats and grooming products. The AvoDerm Natural cat food is made with California avocados and helps promote healthy skin and a beautiful coat. The company believes the avocado which is rich in vitamins and nutrients, works to promote overall health in your pet on the outside as well as the inside.

The three products that I have purchased include the AvoDerm Chicken and Herring Meal Indoor Formula with Hairball Care for adult cats, Chicken and Herring kitten formula and the kitten canned formula. There is definitely a difference in purchasing a high-quality product over the cat foods typically found on the supermarket shelves.

I cannot personally attest for the taste of course but I can give an opinion on the changes I saw in my three boys after they started on AvoDerm. Two of my cats are not picky eaters, they tend to eat just about any cat food placed in front of them. My other cat, Lucky, is finicky about his meals. All three will devour the AvoDerm, including Lucky, without leaving anything behind for later.

Punkin’ is an orange tabby and his color is a bright, vivid orange. Smokey is a long-haired tabby and has not had any hairball problems since starting on his new food. Lucky is a black tuxedo cat and I have never seen his black coat look so remarkably shiny and bright. These transformations didn’t occur overnight but just within a week, the changes were noticeable.

All three have put on weight which wasn’t a problem before but the difference in their overall appearance is clearly visible. Their coats are the biggest improvements which are not only shinier but have a soft, luxurious feel. I’ve purchased several other high-quality cat foods and the AvoDerm has proved to live up to the company’s testimonials. If only I could find a product that works this well for my own hair.

I wasn’t aware of this manufacturer’s reputation until a breeder recommended the products, it is all she purchases for her Persian beauties. The Pinnacle Feline line of cat food has also been highly recommended for those who use allergen-free foods but also want to provide a high protein diet to their cat.

In 1947, Breeder’s Choice introduced frozen pet meals and expanded the company in 1960 with oven-baked treats. The ingredients and nutritional value exceed requirements and now offers specific pet needs lines including Active Care, allergen-free pet foods and even health food for dogs.

This brand can be purchased at most Petsmart stores, Petco stores and some feed stores as well as online at their website.


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