Cat food reviews: Breeders Choice

Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods is family owned and a part of Central Garden & Pet Company they have been in business for over 60 years and the companies first claim to pet food fame was with their novelty frozen pet meals and then later with there first oven-baked kibble and biscuits, which prompted them to open a pet food bakery in the 1960’s because the demand was so high for the baked pet treats.

Several decades later the bakery is still in operation churning out both baked pet treats as well as baked pet food. The company has several brands of cat food one for almost every possible individual need a feline could have.

Breeder’s Choice’s first foray in the cat food business was with AvoDerm Natural cat food which contained a well balanced diet for cats as well as a focus on the cat’s skin and fur. The main ingredient in this brand is avocados as they are known for containing vitamins A, C and E which all contribute to healthy skin as well as a healthy diet.

Pinnacle Holistic Feline Formulas

Was the second specialty brand of cat food the company created. It is designed to provide your cat with the “perfect” diet for all its needs including a healthy central nervous system and immune system including plenty of amino acids and taurine for a healthy heart, organic oats for energy, berries for added fiber and vitamin E for healthy skin and fur.

This brand comes in both dry and canned versions flavors include ocean fish, chicken, tuna and a combination of ocean fish and chicken and tuna and chicken.

Advanced Pet Diets Select Choice for Cats

This brand of Breeder’s Choice cat food is designed to meet your cat’s needs over the course of their adult life. Made with all natural ingredients and all the nutrients your cat needs to thrive and live a healthy life. This brand also comes in dry and canned versions. There are three dry formulas to choose from original chicken and salmon flavor, Chicken and lamb hairball formula and “Lite” chicken and salmon formula for the overweight kitty.

There are five canned formulas four of which are suitable for both kittens and adults; they are the Chicken Formula kitten/adult cat Food, Chicken, Ocean Fish & Turkey Formula, Ocean Fish Formula for kitten/adult and turkey formula for kitten/adult. The one flavor that is just for adult cats is the turkey, ocean fish and chicken formula; it has too much protein for a kitten.

For more products and information about feeding and caring for your cat visit their website. /about/

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