Cat fights: Making your cats get along – Part 1

I had two cats….I said ‘I had…’ as they are now living with my ex-partner…Shame really, as I was not the guilty party and the cats were the innocent party…All the same, water under the bridge and stuff…I chose Petal first, she is a tabby…When she was 4 weeks old, I knew I had to pick her from her litter…She was the runt and a fighter…After the 8 weeks, we took her home…We did treat her like she was our baby….Pathetic, I know, but pets have that effect on us….Most nights she would sleep with us, because (er..hmm), we thought as a kitten, she would better off and she wouldn’t be ‘scared’….She was born 8th March 2003…And my god, she gave us hell, we lived in a first floor converted flat, she once fell out the window and fell into a holly bush, that I risked life and limb to rescue her….During this time, she got absolutelt spoiled by us….Anyways, we were looking to buy a house just down theroad from where we were…We found a beautiful victorian house with a back yard….So we moved there….Soon enough, my ex-partner pointed out that possibly, Petal, was getting ‘bored’ and should we get another cat? I thought it was a brilliant idea….So we down to F.O.A.L farm in Biggin Hill, which had rescued pets; cats, dogs, horses, you name it….We had a look around, couldn’t find anything just yet, so we left our details and hoped they would contact us soon…Low and behold we got a call two days later asking us to come and see this cat that would be ideal….So we went to see Him…They called him ‘Bubbles’ (to be perfectly honest, I thought it was a crap name…), He was in this confided space, lying stretched out on his bed…When we walked into His room, he put out his massive paw, as if to welcome me and for us to take him…I fell for him instantly…I put my hand out to greet him and I wanted to take him there and then….Not yet…more paper work, 80 later, we finally got him home a couple of days later….When we had him to ourselves, we changed his name to ‘George’ after my ex’s Grandfather….And it fits him very well….BUT, Petal couldn’t stand him, at all…So she went missing for, like 10 days…We were sick with worry…We got our next door neighbour involved int he search….All of a sudden I was regretting getting George, but he was for her and for Us…She finally came home, not for us, because she was bloody hungry…She hissed and swiped at George at every given moment…She would pick fights with him where we would have to separate them into different rooms…No word of a lie…Honestly, it was like having teenage kids fighting…Slowy but surely, she eventually came around…We had George’s balls cut off, which I know pissed him right off…She became a ‘nicer’ cat to him, because she had been through the same operation….I presume…

It was totally funny when George would catch a bird and bring it in to show us…My Ex- would get all nervous and panicky, I would laugh and give him a treat…but they would both batter the bird in like bloody lions…It was funny to watch….She did eventually let Him groom her and stuff, but it did take time for her to get used to him…Nearly a year and a half…My ex used to say it was like bringing up kids and feeling like a full time parent….

I miss those Cats so much…I’m trying to convince my ol’ dear to get a couple of cats…..Watch this space

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