Cat fights: Making your cats get along

If you have ever experienced the situation where your cats dislike each other and fight, you will know just how distressing this can be. One moment you can be getting on with your home-life, pottering around as usual and the next moment all hell breaks loose and you find yourself in the middle of a feline war.

One particular time when this likely to happen is when cats are introduced into the house at different times to each other. If you have already had Joey the cat for months, and then bring home Blackie the cat then Joey is going to feel put out and hard done by.

Each cat has their own idea of who rules the roost and will do their utmost to make their feelings clear by constantly bulling the cats whom they think are below their level. In this case, Joey will be feeling that he is the ruler over Blackie, and may well go out of his way to let this be known.

When bringing a new cat into the home where there are existing cats it is sensible to do so gradually, so that the present cats don’t see the new one as a threat and become defensive and aggressive.

The best way that I have found to do this is to bring a blanket that the new cat has slept on into the house and leave it where the other cats will find it. Cats have an acute sense of smell and this will introduce them to the scent of the newcomer before they meet the cat face to face.

I prepare my cats emotionally by giving them drops of a ‘Bach Flower’ remedy called ‘Rescue’. This helps them to be calm and less fearful. I just add a few drops to their water bowls for several days running before I bring the new cat into the house.

When I do bring the cat in I feed them altogether straight away from separate bowls. This takes their attention away from one another. I find that if they can eat happily together they are more likely to get along well later on.

Making sure that the new cat doesn’t steal any of the other cats favorite designated places to sleep saves allot of trouble. After-all, who would like a stranger to come in and take over their bed! I certainly wouldn’t.

If you try to pay them all equal amounts of attention you will cause less jealousy amongst them and they will eventually become friends or at least tolerate each other.

Another scenario where cats just don’t get along can arise from one of the cats wanting to be the only one. Some cats just are not keen on having other cats in their home at all. Many owners think that they are being thoughtful when they get more than one cat as they consider that the cats can keep each other occupied and offer companionship. But for the cat who likes to be alone this is a bad idea as they can end up bulling any other cats, hoping that this will make them leave home.

A good way to find out if a potential pet cat is likely to be assertive in this way is to watch them before you take ownership of them and see how they behave around other cats where they already live, whether this be a pet shop or in another abode. If they seem aggressive where they already are to other cats then it is likely that they will continue to be this way if you adopt them too.

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