Cat discipline – Part 6

Here’s a pet peeve of mine (no pun intended) but I cannot stand being in someone’s home with an undisciplined cat. It’s as if the cat is the ruler of the home.

Cats may seem as if they cannot be disciplined, but this is not true. There are ways to handle a cat young or old. It may seem strange to hear but through love and positive feedback (treats, a hug, a rub under the chin or behind the ear) and a simple repetitive no, cats will listen. I’ve had and dealt with kittens and adult cats and training didn’t seem that hard.

It is true, it’s easier to discipline a kitten than a grown cat, but both are possible. With the kitten you can start from scratch. With the adult cat, you don’t know who or what the family before you did or allowed, but anything is possible, so if you need to retrain, then retrain.

Cats are very smart and they will know from your reaction if they did something wrong, like jump on the stove or on your china cabinet.

Cats are normal jumpers (they jump in the window, on their cat trees ect) and may sometimes jump on the counter top or kitchen table. Some people allow this, but that should be a no no. Cats should not be on the kitchen table or counters for that matter. Just like children, you designate an area for the cat to jump, a windowsill, or a cat tree. You shouldn’t have cats on places where you prepare or eat a meal or areas where you handle personal hygiene. I find it very ill willed when I am in someone’s home with an undisciplined cat. I’ll sit at the kitchen table and the cat jumps right on the table and no one thinks that’s wrong. No animal or human walking on the ground should place their feet or paws on a table I would hope you would want to keep that area as germ free as possible. Some say in order to stop the cat from jumping on things or from doing things they shouldn’t you should get a spray bottle and spray the cat-This may work for some people, but with my Persian cat, since he was used to bathing/grooming, spraying water on him was nothing but a nice little drink. I found that a simple removing the cat from the table and saying no a few times worked. You will have to say it a few times, but repetition will get you the results you want (You really can’t be certain they will stay off of the table when you are not there).

Cats love to sharpen their nails and if you don’t have something for them to scratch on, say goodbye to the buttons on your couch or that nice spot on the rug. What we did for my little

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