Cat breeds: Munchkin

A naturally occurring breed of cat the Munchkin has rather unusually short legs. The Munchkin looks much like a Dachshund, and they had a spontaneous change in genetics that gave them a gene like one seen in a Basset Hound, Corgi and Dachshund. They are no afflicted by the same spinal problems that are found in the Dachshund.

Long before World War II in Stalingrad, Germany and in Great Britain, there were reports of them being scene. In 1953 they got the nickname of “Stalingrad kangaroo cat” due to being seen so often sitting in such a way as to give them the appearance of a rabbit. It seemed to disappear for a while from Europe; in 1980 Sandra Hochenedel found it again in Rayville, Louisiana while she was trying to get her three children a pet cat.

Blackberry was a pregnant female living in a rural area under a truck. When she got her home Sandra realized she had never seen a cat like Blackberry before. She moved like a ferret and had extremely short legs. Every little she had contained both long and short legged kittens. Then one day Blackberry was gone. The gene remained in a kitten belonging to Kaye LaFrance.

Toulouse was a son from one of Blackberry’s litters and Ms. LaFrance used him to set up a colony of sorts of the Munchkin breed on her Plantation in Louisiana.

Since this a natural mutation in the Munchkin breed there is nothing to indicate that the shortness of the legs interferes with the cats surviving or the quality of life. Cats carrying the Munchkin gene will have kittens that have short legs as well.

The International Cat Association registers the Munchkin breed as show-able in the new breed or color class while they are show-able in championship with the United Feline Organization. They are currently trying to become recognized with the TICA in championship competitions.

The Munchkin is a cat of medium size with a thick semi-foreign type of body with a chest that is well rounded. The male of the breed is usually bigger than the female of the breed. Litters of these cats will have kittens with short and long legs both.

All colors and lengths of hair are available in the Munchkin breed. The coats have a silky appearance thanks to plush coast that work well no matter what the weather is. Longhair Munchkins have a plumed tail that is gorgeous in appearance. Medium large, walnut looking eyes come in a variety of color though most prefer those with more vibrant eyes.

They are intelligent animals that prefer to find easy ways to get where they wan to go although they possess amazing ability when it comes to climbing. The Munchkin breed can run amazingly fast even with its tiny legs. They love adventure and are so intelligent that they are easily trained for walking on a leash. This amazing cat breed is also smart enough to obey verbal commands, in addition to leash training they will fetch as well.

The adorable kitten act is one they will continue their entire lives.

Munchkins are currently being bred with Siamese, Persian and Abyssinian breed by various breeders. Right now the only distinction is still the short legs. Due to the variety of the Munchkin gene pool the personality of these adorable cats is dependant upon the pedigree of past ancestry, although the treatment they receive will play a role in the way they act and react to people and surroundings.

While the short legs do not affect the ability of the Munchkin breed to climb they have affected its ability to jump. So if you want an adorable, intelligent breed of cat then the Munchkin is for you.

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