Cat breed: York Chocolate

The York Chocolate cat breed is still a very new breed, coming about in 1983. The first breed was discovered by accident a stray female had given birth to a litter of kittens on a farm and the owners of the farm discovered that a little brown kitten, they named Brownie, the following year Brownie had a litter of kittens and one was black they named him Minky.

Janet Chiefari noticed something different about their colors of their fur and decided to mate the two and see what the kittens would look like. The results were a brown kitten and a brown and white one. From there she decided to register them as a breed called the York Chocolate, the York part of the name comes from the state she lives in New York and the Chocolate from the color of the brown fur on the cats.

The York Chocolate cat breed is either a solid brown color or a brown and white color. The have almond shaped eyes that range in color from green to hazel. They have large bones and muscular bodies making them a large size cat the males weight between fourteen and eighteen pounds and female’s weight between twelve and fourteen pounds.

This breed is active and enjoys playing with toys that move and they need a lot of room to run and jump. They should be kept inside as they enjoy hunting little animals like baby rabbits.

They are very loveable and make great lap cats. They chose one person as there “special person” but show and affection to all members of the family. They are good with children and get along with other pets. They like to sleep with their special person and can be vocal when they want something. Otherwise they are a fairly quite cat breed.

They are okay to be left alone for short periods of time but tend to get in trouble if left alone for to long.

They share a few dog traits as well; they can be leash trained and play fetch. These breed loves water especially playing in it.

They are show cats and registered as such with International Cat Association, Cat Fancier’s Association and the Canadian Cat Association.

There are no known health problems or risks with this breed of cats. Average lifespan is mid teens, as they have only been a breed for just over a few decades a specific life span is not known yet.

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